Month: March 2016

As you may remember, I started my Instagram journey back in January…I can honestly say I had no idea where it would take me.

To set the stage, I started with 24 followers. All of which were people I knew in person. It was a running joke in the office where people would say that I should create an Instagram feed of what I wear every day. I thought to myself it could be fun! You know, stroke the Ego a little with all of the likes…get some exposure. First post…16 Likes. Wow, do I really dress that badly?

For those who know me well, they know that when there’s a challenge I have to find out as much information as I possibly can and then give it my all. So I did, I went ahead and discovered hashtags, which times to post and best poses to use. Fast forward to March and I can only say WOW! The interest I have received has been incredible to say the least. 7,000 followers and growing every single day. Read More Instagram Update