Month: April 2016

Behind every GREAT haircut is an AMAZING product…with that in mind I have been on the lookout for some matte styling pomade for my new doo!

Thats where Cut & Caliber come in. Based in Alaska (i know! cool right?) they seemed to have the perfect product.

The concept of Cut & Caliber began with a simple glance at a shampoo bottle in the shower. The back was riddled with a lengthy list of bizarre ingredients. Next, it was a look at the back of a hair pomade, deodorant, cologne, and even a facial moisturizer – each having a unique list of equally-bizarre and “difficult to pronounce” ingredients. Was it that difficult to know exactly what was going into the products that are applied to our bodies on a daily basis?

Opening the box felt like Christmas had come early. Not only did they send me the Pomade they also sent me Beard oil and lip Balm!
Read More @iamrainbird and Cut & Caliber


As some of you may have seen, last week I debuted OTAA on my feed.

I like to provide a little background to these brands. Shaheen and Fameez Haroon created this brand in Australia.

“How the Story Began, We started selling ties out of our mum’s garage, because what else are we to do? Sell ties and pay for a place, no way. We loved quirky designs coupled with a smidge of sophistication, surprisingly a lot of other people did as well, and each time people came to our garage they were happy to pull out money from their wallets to buy our designs.
Thus a business was born, OTAA – our love child whom we take care of everyday, through new designs, innovating new men’s accessories to ultimately transform each male who dons on a suit each time, to a gentleman’s dream. By the time the house was filled with ties our mum kicked us out of our house and we moved into OTAA HQ, laid out with a boutique shop front, coffee machines, office, and the works.”

I discovered their incredible line of ties and accessories on Instagram and instantly fell in love with their designs. After looking at their site I made my selections and ordered. A few days later, the package was sitting on my doorstep. Read More @iamrainbird and @otaa.australia