Month: May 2016

There comes a time in every man’s life when the general run of the mill brogue or longwing don’t quite cut it anymore. This happens when you slip your foot in to something extremely superior. Well ladies and gents, that happened to me last week.

To set the stage, I’ve owned a lot of shoes. Ranging from regular caps to double monks. They’ve been good…treated me well but been garbage in about eight months of use.

Enter Grant Stone. After conversations with them I could tell they were a step above the norm. Extremely polite and very accommodating. Making me feel not only special but also solid in my choice. From discussing fit to style they had it all covered.

Wyatt, director of Grant Stone, is third generation in the shoe business. Wyatt’s introduction to shoemaking began at D.W. Frommer’s Bootmaking School in Oregon. While at Frommer’s, he learned not only the hand making process, but as equally important, the “no compromise” philosophy behind every bespoke pair.

Thereafter, he traveled to China where he began interning at a Goodyear-welt shoe factory in Xiamen. Here, he sourced better grade materials from respected tanneries worldwide (USA & Europe) envisioning the production of premium shoes and boots.

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