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What’s a great way to spice up a look or add to an already killer outfit? Jewelry! That’s right ladies and gents….get your wrists ready for some serious action!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a huge fan of guys wearing twenty bracelets on one arm trying to look like Xerxes out of 300, but I am talking about accent pieces that compliment what you’re wearing.

Enter Thomas Sabo. Now, let me start by saying that I have known of this brand for a long time as my own Mother absolutely loves their charm type bracelets…but lucky for us they also have a mens collection!

Their mens line does not feel gimmicky to me, it feels legitimate. Their designs are incredibly detailed and the items have physical weight to them which I love. You know the feeling of putting something on, whether it be a watch or even a ring and it just feels solid…that’s the feeling you get here.

Our mission is to create a product that delights and fascinates people. Our aims are:
–       to constantly inspire our customers with innovative and trend-setting creations
–       to spread our unique love for style
–       to define the industry standard with materials of the highest quality

Thomas Sabo really does have a passion for quality, style and trends. Walking around their store was a true experience and had me thinking about all of the different ways I could pair items with current looks in my wardrobe. I have selected certain pieces from their collection that truly represent my own style but they have so much to offer.

My choices were the Leather Bracelet, Silver Bangle and silver bead Bracelet. I cannot say enough about their items. You can find these items and more at

For one, when I put them on they make me feel like a million bucks and for two..they look absolutely incredible. These items will start to show on my Instagram feed over the coming weeks so watch out for them!

I leave you with a few images, but if you take anything away from this article, try and remember:

  1. Don’t over accessorize, unless its a fancy dress party
  2. Be true to your personal style
  3. Wear items that YOU like not what everyone tells you that you should like



A huge thank you goes out to the Team at Thomas Sabo in Canada! For everyone reading this, go and check them out and set your wrist on FIRE!

Stay tuned for something extra special from this collaboration in the middle of October!


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  1. Your tips are truly inspiring and especially people should keep in mind to not over accessorize! Or to make it even easier for people to understand, keep it simple and just like you’re saying, stay true to your style. Great post Greg. Keep it up!

    September 17, 2016

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