@iamrainbird A look back….and forward

As we approach the end of the year and generally a quieter time of the year, I thought it would be poignant to take a look back over the last year and possibly one of my most favorite things to do, look forward to the next!

Back in January 2016 i made the decision to start posting images of my daily attire for the world to see, well….in all reality the 15 people that followed my Instagram account! Who would have thought that fast forwarding 11 months, my style would be in front of not only 43,000 followers but over a million people a week! Unbelievable!

One thing in my life that wasn’t prepared for the success of @iamrainbird…was my wardrobe! I am so fortunate to have worked with some incredible brands over the last year! Including but not limited to Soren Custom Suits, Daniel Wellington, Grant Stone, DSTLD Jeans, Thomas Sabo, Motorola and Banana Republic.

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Wow -10! It's definitely layering weather!

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This year was also a year to give back. By growing a rather phenomenal moustache, I was able to raise awareness with @movembercanada for Mens Health issues. A very worthwhile cause and I was truly humbled to be part of the team!

Now seems like a good reflection point. Whats next? How do I evolve my brand? How do I stand out?

Over the last month you may have noticed a change to my posts and feed in general. Not solely focussing on Fashion but also lifestyle. What can you expect in 2017? Rest assured, my style will not be changing! You will still be treated to incredible ties, wonderful suits, jeans galore and tie bars! You will start to see more relaxed styles on the weekends, allowing me to collaborate with different brands and expand the breadth of looks I can show you! My youtube Vlog will begin to see more action as video starts to become more highly integrated.

In January, there will be something completely different! TRAVEL! Yes, I will be traveling to Costa Rica for two weeks and will be blogging about the experience and the accommodation. Witches Rock Surf camp will be our first location. My Instagram will be full of location photos along with DRONE videos! Yes, you saw the teaser shot of my new piece of kit a few weeks ago, with my Gruv Gear bag.

So in closing, I would like to thank each and every one of the brands that has worked with me over the year and also all of you for following my account and engaging with me every single day! Id like to mention a great group of fellow gents as well! You’ve listened to the podcasts with Jake and I…he’s a truly awesome person. Huge thanks also go to Mitch, Ryne, Davis, Ben, Travis, Matt and Matt for their inspiration and support!

A huge thank you from me personally and warmest holiday wishes from my entire family to yours!



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  1. Abdelsalam said:

    it was certainly a great year for you Greg, i started following you because of how you easily paired gingham shirt with ties, i loved that and have been hooked since.
    i wish you all the best in 2017 in all aspects of your life not just your IG or Youtube channel, which btw needs more than that lonely video up there 🙂

    December 28, 2016

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