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So, we all know it gets cold in Canada and many other regions across the world, however, when its down to -15 Degrees and you still want to wear a nice jacket and not twenty layers with a bomber…what do you do?

You check out Cardinal of Canada of course!

I love all manner of jackets and coats, don’t get me wrong. I wear many looks, ranging from a Parka to a layered bomber. However, when I’m wearing my jeans and a blazer, i want something a little more…elegant.

I was lucky enough to work with Cardinal of Canada over the last month. They provided me with the Le Clair jacket which is not only gorgeous but incredibly comfortable and soft to the touch. Wearing it over a suit or blazer was just as easy as pairing it with a wool sweater and jeans. Both looks were awesome.

“Cardinal of Canada was founded by Sam Ray. In the early years, Sam focused on harnessing the softness and strength of cashmere — so much so that the company’s cashmere coats became recognized for their strict attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.”

When it comes to pricing, I know many are looking for the quick bang for your buck. These jackets are not “Cheap” but the are “Cost Effective”. After making the investment, Cardinal of Canada will provide you with a full ten year warranty against workmanship defects. Something goes wrong…contact them! For me, peace of mind knowing that I am wearing a quality item of clothing is well worth the initial payment.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the Jacket, it is comfortable, it is warm and it makes me feel like a million bucks when I put it on. It is now my daily go to!

Go and check out, choose your style and enjoy!

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