There comes a time in every man’s life when the general run of the mill brogue or longwing don’t quite cut it anymore. This happens when you slip your foot in to something extremely superior. Well ladies and gents, that happened to me last week.

To set the stage, I’ve owned a lot of shoes. Ranging from regular caps to double monks. They’ve been good…treated me well but been garbage in about eight months of use.

Enter Grant Stone. After conversations with them I could tell they were a step above the norm. Extremely polite and very accommodating. Making me feel not only special but also solid in my choice. From discussing fit to style they had it all covered.

Wyatt, director of Grant Stone, is third generation in the shoe business. Wyatt’s introduction to shoemaking began at D.W. Frommer’s Bootmaking School in Oregon. While at Frommer’s, he learned not only the hand making process, but as equally important, the “no compromise” philosophy behind every bespoke pair.

Thereafter, he traveled to China where he began interning at a Goodyear-welt shoe factory in Xiamen. Here, he sourced better grade materials from respected tanneries worldwide (USA & Europe) envisioning the production of premium shoes and boots.

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Behind every GREAT haircut is an AMAZING product…with that in mind I have been on the lookout for some matte styling pomade for my new doo!

Thats where Cut & Caliber come in. Based in Alaska (i know! cool right?) they seemed to have the perfect product.

The concept of Cut & Caliber began with a simple glance at a shampoo bottle in the shower. The back was riddled with a lengthy list of bizarre ingredients. Next, it was a look at the back of a hair pomade, deodorant, cologne, and even a facial moisturizer – each having a unique list of equally-bizarre and “difficult to pronounce” ingredients. Was it that difficult to know exactly what was going into the products that are applied to our bodies on a daily basis?

Opening the box felt like Christmas had come early. Not only did they send me the Pomade they also sent me Beard oil and lip Balm!
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As some of you may have seen, last week I debuted OTAA on my feed.

I like to provide a little background to these brands. Shaheen and Fameez Haroon created this brand in Australia.

“How the Story Began, We started selling ties out of our mum’s garage, because what else are we to do? Sell ties and pay for a place, no way. We loved quirky designs coupled with a smidge of sophistication, surprisingly a lot of other people did as well, and each time people came to our garage they were happy to pull out money from their wallets to buy our designs.
Thus a business was born, OTAA – our love child whom we take care of everyday, through new designs, innovating new men’s accessories to ultimately transform each male who dons on a suit each time, to a gentleman’s dream. By the time the house was filled with ties our mum kicked us out of our house and we moved into OTAA HQ, laid out with a boutique shop front, coffee machines, office, and the works.”

I discovered their incredible line of ties and accessories on Instagram and instantly fell in love with their designs. After looking at their site I made my selections and ordered. A few days later, the package was sitting on my doorstep. Read More @iamrainbird and @otaa.australia


As you may remember, I started my Instagram journey back in January…I can honestly say I had no idea where it would take me.

To set the stage, I started with 24 followers. All of which were people I knew in person. It was a running joke in the office where people would say that I should create an Instagram feed of what I wear every day. I thought to myself it could be fun! You know, stroke the Ego a little with all of the likes…get some exposure. First post…16 Likes. Wow, do I really dress that badly?

For those who know me well, they know that when there’s a challenge I have to find out as much information as I possibly can and then give it my all. So I did, I went ahead and discovered hashtags, which times to post and best poses to use. Fast forward to March and I can only say WOW! The interest I have received has been incredible to say the least. 7,000 followers and growing every single day. Read More Instagram Update


After just returning from our week long vacation in Costa Rica, I can only say….WOW, thanks for having us….what a gorgeous country.

The house we stayed in (Casa Nibanna) was located on the JW Marriot Property. It was out of this world, with gorgeous décor, a beautiful private outdoor pool and fully air conditioned bedrooms, which you need when the temperature never seems to drop below 30 Degrees! Read More Casa Nibanna – Costa Rica


Following the trend of my love for things Tech and Chic…it is timely that I got my hands on Lenovo’s new Mixx 700 Tablet.

We’ve all heard about the Microsoft Surface Pro…but we haven’t heard about this little beauty which wins in many ways…..

  • a new Core M7 processor which allows you to be more efficient by running multiple apps and software at the same time
  • 9 hours of battery life
  • Stylish Kick Stand built into the tablet
  • Full digitizer Pen support
  • Detachable keyboard folio
  • Up to 256Gb Storage Capacity
  • 12″ FHD+ (2160 x 1440)
  • 1.7lbs

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Yes, I have finally decided to embark on the fashion bloggers journey on Instagram!

Over the past week I have begun showing my daily attire for the world to see. Fueled by the awesome outfits of @theposhman  (follow Brett, he’s awesome!) and others with the amazing product supplied by @Sprezzabox and many Canadian retailers I have taken it upon myself to attempt to showcase my unique style. Enjoy…. Read More Instagram…


You know when you see that one must have item…everyone’s experienced it right? The handbag that your better half keeps drooling over, that skinny tie that would compliment your plaid suit and gingham shirt perfectly and make you feel like you own the boardroom….yes, you know what im talking about!

Well my friends, yesterday was one of those days…I just had to have a Daniel Wellington Classic Canterbury watch. Not just any Canterbury watch however, I needed the silver bezel, blue green and white strapped version. Read More The Watch…